Mechanical Information


The mechanical dimensions of the RPi Camera FMC are illustrated in the figures below. All dimensions are in millimeters (mm).

The assembly drawings are also available as PDF files that you can download at the provided links.

RPi Camera FMC mechanical drawing

3D Model

The 3D model of the board is available as a STEP file at the links below:

Mezzanine fastening hardware

For mechanical fastening of the mezzanine card to the carrier board, the RPi Camera FMC comes with 2x hex standoffs and the screws to fasten them to the carrier board. We highly recommend using the machine screws on each of these standoffs to fix the mezzanine card to the carrier board. If the fastening screws are misplaced, they can be replaced by the ones listed below, or equivalents.

The hex standoff and machine screw part numbers are listed below:

  • Hex standoff, Thread M2.5 x 0.45, Brass, Board-to-board length 10mm
    Part number: V6516C
    Manufacturer: Assmann

  • Machine screw, Thread M2.5 x 0.45, Length (below head) 4mm, Stainless steel, Phillips head
    Part number: 90116A105
    Supplier: McMaster-Carr